Rebound Low Black Green

111 € 185 €

The Mikakus Rebound Low Black Green is a mix of the basket sneakers from the 1980s and the sustainable modern technology. Sneakers that combine green, white and black tones for the spring-summer season.

Finishes of top quality materials; the main materials are nubuck, leather and suede, and they complement best with the SEAQUAL® YARN, made from recycled marine plastic.

Providing height and personality, as well as a soft and light footstep of maximum comfort, the green, white and black sneakers have an EVA sole made from the ultralight technology and that are the basis for the whole men’s sneaker. 

Designed in Italy and made by ethical and sustainable manufacturers in Europe.

Plantilla reciclada 

Recycled lace

Italian leather

Italian suede


Leather lining

Ultralight EVA sole (3,5cm).

Peso:  0.630 kg 

Sole height: 3.5 cm

Elaboramos nuestras colecciones en fábricas éticas y sostenibles de Europa y utilizamos un packaging 100% reciclado. Las Rebound Low cuentan con la plantilla reciclada y el tejido SEAQUAL YARN.

To ensure the optimal condition and high quality durability of your Mikakus, we offer a range of cleaning and care products made from 100% natural ingredients. + Info.

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