What does it mean to be ethical?

 Sometimes to do what feels right for the Planet. Others, what feels right for you. And, of course, what feels right for others. But there are times, where the three happen at the same time. ‘No one without a gift’ is one of them; a shoe donation campaign that is much more than that, it’s a statement, Mikakus’ personal ode to true style, a style that’s not superficial, but a tool to express who you are and who you want to be - no matter what your social condition or background is.

That’s why this Christmas we will donate more than 300 hundred Mikakus’ shoes for people at risk of poverty. But don’t stop reading. That’s not everything. You can join too. From the 1st of December up to the 7th of January donate a pair of shoes at our flagship stores, at three multi-brand stores or send them from any UPS point for free and receive a 20€ voucher for any Mikakus item and, what’s most important, contribute to a fairer society where everyone can walk their paths confidently.

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