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Mikakus D50 x De Antonio Yachts


Mikakus D50 x De Antonio Yachts


This exclusive unisex model unites the principal attributes of both brands. Rubber sole sneakers made of leather, Italian suede and nubuck. It has technical features like a tongue made of the same material that De Antonio uses for yachts’ upholstery and a heel counter made of carbon fibers. Its fluorescent inner lining breaks up monochrome and emanates the sportive characteristics of the yachts. It features details made with recycled materials like the sneaker’s shoelace.

The aerodynamic and sportive lines of the yacht inspire the design of this capsule: quality, comfort, attention to detail and a unique character.

Designed in Barcelona and handcrafted in Europe.

Recycled lace

Italian suede

Italian leather


Synthetic leather with carbon fibers effect

Suela de goma 

Peso:  0.600 kg 

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