Mikakus Born x CUPRA Petrol Blue


Mikakus Born x CUPRA Petrol Blue


Mikakus Born x CUPRA comes from the union of two brands who share the same unconventional spirit: MIKAKUS and CUPRA.

Paying homage to CUPRA’s automobile BORN, the sneaker sports graphic details such as the numbers on the heel - reminiscent of the tire code and the back ribbon referencing the seat belts.

The Mikakus Born x CUPRA are made with ECOLIVE cotton canvas and are water repellent; made from recycled materials (obtained from treated and repurposed clothing) - differentiating this product from all others.

This sneaker is a clear example that style can be synonymous with quality, comfort and sustainability.

The Mikakus Born x CUPRA is available in three colors: blue, black and khaki; and is the first gender-neutral model of MIKAKUS.

This collaboration was founded with a shared message in mind: follow your own impulse to achieve what you want.

Eco-live water-resistant canvas. 

Upper: Recycled fabric that resists water (70% recycled cotton, 30% viscose)+leather.

Lining: Recycled fabric (70% recycled cotton +30 % viscose)

Sole: TR (thermoplastic rubber))

Eyelets: Brass

Label: 100% recycled cotton

Laces: 100% cotton

Sockliner: Recycled PU

Gently spot clean with a damp cloth and warm water.

To ensure the optimal condition and high quality durability of your Mikakus, we offer a range of cleaning and care products made from 100% natural ingredients. + Info

Black CUPRA logo, Mikakus organic cotton tongue label.

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