New Boom Delirium

240 €

The New Boom Delirium is a reinterpretation of the iconic sneakers of this brand: the Boom. They feature a lacing system and a Vibram sole made of superlight EVA.

Inspired by modern trail running shoes, the laces are adjustable at the front and back. The Vibram sole of these beige and gold sneakers provides maximum comfort and a comfortable feel with its cushioning effect and good grip on the ground. 

They feature an improved upper with more details and different shapes. The shades of this beige and gold sneaker are reminiscent of the tonalities of the earth and its sand.

Designed in Italy and made by ethical and sustainable manufacturers in Europe.

100% recycled insole

Italian suede

Italian leather

TPU tag in the tongue

Vibram EVA sole

Weight: 0.800 kg

Sole height: 3.5 cm

All of our collections come from ethical and sustainable European manufacturers and our packaging is 100% recycled. The New Boom feature 100% recycled soles.

To ensure the optimal condition and high quality durability of your Mikakus, we offer a range of cleaning and care products made from 100% natural ingredients. + Info.

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