Mikakus™ dares you to speak your mind, to be true to yourself and to chase the extraordinary. True style beat trends. Timeless attitude. Design, quality and comfort are the three pillars where the brand finds its basis.

About us

Mikakus™ was born from a group of people who believe in the same values, the same passions and the same way of understanding life, but above all, of living it. With a Mediterranean spirit and heart, it was created between the cosmopolitan Barcelona, the elegance of Italy, the world's fashion capital, and finally impregnated with Japanese trends and touches that make it a 360º global brand.


Nature is always a great inspiration for us, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also as something very fragile that we must defend.
Our materials come from sustainable recycling processes such as SEAQUAL® YARN fabric, made from marine plastic waste, recycled EVA soles and 100% organic cotton fabrics, among others.
Para compensar la huella de carbono emitida con nuestros envíos, además de utilizar un packaging 100% reciclado; tras un recuento total de pedidos a final de año, plantamos un árbol por pedido. Con esta práctica reforestamos zonas despobladas y a la vez recuperando su integridad ecológica.

#Seedsofchange not only gives a voice to a continuum of sustainable practices and procedures; it encapsulates our contribution to caring for our planet and its inhabitants. Under this slogan, we collaborate on ethical and sustainable initiatives with the aim of changing the way we consume fashion through sustainable production.
All the items in our collections are made in ethical factories. We only work with suppliers who guarantee fair working conditions for their staff and implement sustainable practices that contribute to a better world for all of us.
All sneakers are designed in Italy and handmade by professionals with a long tradition in the European footwear industry.


Our sneakers have become an expression of their way of life and they have become the loudspeaker of Mikakus™ to the world. Perfection, authenticity, success or humility are some of the values shared and defined by these world-renowned icons who share the Mikakus™ lifestyle.





MIKAKUS™ wants to transmit its philosophy and lifestyle to the whole world, which is why it has reached more than 60 countries and opened its first flagship stores in Kobe and Barcelona. It continues growing in 2021, with the opening of its first Pop up Store in La Roca Village; a world reference shopping village. Mikakus™️ is committed to synergies with other brands and is launching its first capsule with CUPRA, three models of sneakers designed for maximum comfort, a stylish line and a contemporary design.