Mikakus barcelona

Designing sneakers since 2018

We are Mikakus Barcelona, a sneaker brand from Barcelona and founded by the football player and world champion Andrés Iniesta. We serve internationally to more than 70 countries and our flagship in one of the most iconic streets of Barcelona, Rambla Catalunya.



Our city is Barcelona. We love it and we feel proud of it as we really envision cities as the hub where talent, visions and lifestyles meet building tomorrow’s new trends and ways of doing. We empower city talent in everything we do.

De Barcelona al mundo. 



Our designs are sport-inspired, genuine and high-quality with tints of Japanese soul. We do use the best quality materials and ensuring the comfort of all our models.

Sustainability is in our dna so we work daily to create sneakers and to work with the less eco-impact as possible.

Our Founder

Andrés Iniesta, campeón del mundo, exjugador del FC Barcelona (2002-2018) y fundador de Mikakus Barcelona. 
Andrés añade fuerza a un proyecto fundado en Barcelona, junto con su circulo de amigos más cercano. El grupo, llamado cariñosamente “mikakos", junto al equipo Mikakus Barcelona, tienen como principal objetivo diseñar y ofrecer zapatillas que reflejen la energía, personalidad y estilo de nuestra ciudad.

"Everything happens when we leave our comfort zone and come together. Cities power our lives like curiosity ignites our imagination."