A limited edition that reinterprets the iconic PALOMA BARCELÓ boot.

MIKAKUS by PALOMA BARCELÓ, a contemporary classic. Both brands unite in the launch of a limited edition model that brings together the personalities of both: a strong, true and honest expression; a simple and sporty aesthetic; as well as a shared passion for design.


With a long history in the world of footwear since 1961, PALOMA BARCELÓ has become a benchmark brand of fashion footwear, and with it also its iconic chunky boot, a model that has managed to unite the tradition of this footwear house with the differentiating element of current design.

From MIKAKUS, we have customized this icon of Paloma Barceló with the sneaker culture, infusing it with a new air of sportiness and color.

The result is this boot designed for bold, versatile, and functional looks. The new MIKAKUS by PALOMA BARCELÓ is a 24/7 boot, a fashion item that wants and can accompany you all day long.

A seasonal must-have whose entity is built thanks to its most remarkable element: the chunky maxi sole, to which we have added the detail of a colored stripe in red, green, and blue, accentuating the volume and breaking the black tone of the model.

Finally, we have opted for a concept of sustainability, prioritizing local production, that has resulted in durable footwear and a simple and timeless design that lasts for years.

Thus, MIKAKUS by PALOMA BARCELÓ arrives to become a model that unites tradition with design, durability and versatility, legacy and innovation.

Special thanks to the Edition Hotel Barcelona