seguimos navegando con de antonio yachts

This season, Mikakus Barcelona joins forces again with De Antonio Yachts in a new collaboration inspired by the synergy between both brands, aiming to continue sailing with sportiness and style.

De Antonio Yachts y Mikakus compartimos más que la elegancia en nuestros productos, somos dos empresas unidas por nuestro espíritu mediterráneo. Juntas hemos diseñado unas zapatillas que incorporan los elementos identificativos de ambas empresas: calidad, comodidad y carácter único. 

This capsule collection features two unisex sneakers that stand out due to their composition of multiple materials. Rubber, leather, suede, nubuck and even carbon fiber come together to create sneakers that do not renounce comfort, as a result of their rubber cupsole.

The Mikakus D36 and Mikakus D50 are inspired by De Antonio Yachts' D36 and D50 yachts. Sporty and classy, they seamlessly harmonize De Antonio's marine spirit with Mikakus Barcelona's attention to detail, creating the perfect sneakers for those seeking a minimalistic look with sporty touches that make a difference.

D36: The Classic Elegance of De Antonio Yachts

The latest model in the collaboration continues to be a symbol of classic De Antonio elegance. Inspired by the De Antonio D36 Yacht, these sneakers are a timeless choice for those who appreciate the beauty of sailing.

Designed in Barcelona and handmade in Europe.

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D50: Elegance and power in one design.

Nuestra primera colaboración, el modelo D50, está diseñado para reflejar la elegancia y la potencia del De Antonio D50 Yacht. Cada detalle, desde la suela hasta los cordones, ha sido cuidadosamente diseñado para capturar la esencia de este yate de lujo. 

Explore the sea with a unique character and inimitable style. The first model of our collection is perfect for nautical outings, but also a must-have in your closet for any occasion.

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Que nada te ancle a la rutina

The Mikakus sneakers from the collaboration with De Antonio Yachts are exclusive unisex models made with different Italian materials such as leather, suede and nubuck. Reminiscent of the hydrodynamic and sporty lines of the yachts, the sneakers are inspired by two of their most recognized yachts: the D36 and the D50. The result of this fusion is two sneakers with a sporty essence, packed full of details that accentuate the design without sacrificing comfort.

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